Mostly a bug fix release, with a couple of quick additions.

  • New-iPad: Tap in left/right margins to move cursor when editing a draft.
  • New-iPhone: Swipe left/right in text view to move cursor when editing a draft.
  • Change: Newly pinned drafts should appear at top of Pinned list.
  • Change: Better theming on iPad extended keyboard (avoids transparency issues).
  • Change: Increase spacing between pin and delete buttons.
  • Fix-iPad: Show two lines of draft in preview.
  • Fix: New draft created using “> New” feature was not saved until edited.
  • Fix: Email “Share Action” URL encoding problem.
  • Fix: Change to Evernote SDK initialization to better support Evernote China.
  • Fix: Voiceover improvements.
  • Fix: Confirmation of “Delete” action could not be disabled.
  • Fix: Selecting contact on new Message or Email Actions could create a duplicate action.

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