This is an initial bug fix release for issues that cropped up with the Drafts 3.0 release. This update was submitted within a two days of the initial release, 3.0.2 will be along shortly with some additional tweaks and fixes.

  • New/Change Drafts 3.0 expanded TextExpander snippets in custom actions too aggressively, causing conflict for some users. A setting has been added to control whether TE snippets are expanded when custom actions are triggered. If set to “No”, no TextExpander snippets will be expanded (the default). If set to “All”, any snippets in custom actions templates/fields will be expanded. If set to “Fenced”, Drafts will only try to expand TE snippets in strings wrapped in « » delimiters. This is probably the best choice for compatibility for users who who want to use TE snippets in their actions, as it prevents accident expansions. More details on the templates/tags page. Note that TE expansion seems related to performance issues executing certain actions for certain users. I’m still tracking this but if you have seen it, try again with TE expansion set to “No” and see if the performance problems persist. Thanks.
  • Fix: iPhone draft and actions lists would not properly scroll to last entry.
  • Fix: Email Actions with “First Line” subject type were not correctly filling in subject line.
  • Fix: Evernote Append/Prepend could mistakenly append to multiple notes of the same title.
  • Fix: Save state of Message/Email actions before opening contact select view.
  • Change: Slight reorganization and a few new keys on enhanced keyboards.
  • Fix: Extended keyboard keys now work properly with TE snippets.
  • Change: Updated Dropbox SDK to fix authentication issue.
  • Assorted other minor fixes.