I’m very excited to announce the release of Drafts and Drafts for iPad 3.0. This is a big release that brings improvements in many areas of the app. I hope you’ll take the time to look over the docs and demo videos to get a feel for some of the new possibilities. As aways, I appreciate you taking the time to rate and review the app in the App Store.

Drafts Management

The drafts list is now divided into Inbox, Archive and Pinned panes. New drafts are created in the Inbox, when you complete actions you can move drafts to the Archive (or have actions configured to do so automatically). Drafts can also be “Pinned”, allowing you to easily access a set of drafts you access/add to often. Swipe to the left or right on a draft in the list to move it around between panes.

Draft Management Screencast

Action Management and Backup

Actions can now be assigned to one of four panes for easy access and better organization of long action lists (in Settings > Manage Actions). All action settings, custom actions, sort order, etc. can now be backed up and restored on Dropbox via Settings > Action Backup and Restore. This allows you to snapshot and restore all action settings across different devices, or even maintain multiple action sets for different purposes.

Action Management Screencast

Evernote and Message Actions

Configure unlimited number of custom Evernote and Message Actions. Evernote actions can create/append/prepend to notes in Evernote, including specific notebooks/tags and can optionally process Markdown text. Message actions allow you create actions to pre-defined recipients. Read the docs for more details on Evernote actions and Message actions.

Reminders Integration

  • “Import Reminders” setting. If enabled, when launched Drafts will import any incomplete tasks from a list named “Drafts” in the iOS Reminders app and mark them complete. Both the title and notes will be imported. This enables adding to drafts via OS X Reminders app (if you use iCloud).
  • “List in Reminders” action sends the lines of your draft to the iOS Reminders app as individual tasks. If the first line of your draft begins with a @, # or ! it will be treated as a list name. If that list exists, the tasks will be added to it – if it does not, the list will be created.

Extended Keyboard

The extended keyboard on Drafts for iPad has been extended, and an extended keyboard has been added to the iPhone version of Drafts. Swipe left or right on the toolbar while editing to access several panes of quick access keys.

Other Action Improvements

  • TextExpander snippets in custom action fields are dynamically expanded when the action is fired. This includes email subjects/body, Dropbox file/folder names and templates, Evernote note templates, etc. This allows TE to be used for timestamps, signatures, etc.
  • Email actions now support multiple recipients in TO and CC fields, and have the ability to select from Contacts.
  • [[clipboard]] tag in templates support insertion of current clipboard contents.
  • “Tag help” screen.


  • iOS 6 is now required.
  • Updated icon.
  • “Snap to full screen” preference for drafts and actions buttons in toolbar. When enabled, the tapping the button will snap the action or drafts list to full screen. Full screen mode is always available by swiping up on the toolbar, but this makes it easier to access for those who prefer to see the lists this way.
  • Default “After Success” setting for actions allows you to select “Nothing/Archive/Delete” as the default handling of a draft after an action is successfully completed. This can still be overridden on individual actions.
  • Removed many app actions that previously came pre-installed. All these are available for install from the Action Directory.
  • Added Source Code Pro and Source Sans Pro fonts. Updated Courier Prime to a custom version with better line spacing.
  • /create URL scheme can now accept an “afterSuccess=” parameter with values “Nothing”, “Archive” or “Delete” – this allows automation actions to override the default handling on actions when programmatically triggering actions.
  • Misc. performance improvements and bug fixes.
  • New bugs. If I knew what they were, I would have fixed them – but I’m sure there’s a few in there, let me know.