There are many ways to integrate Drafts with workflows on the Mac, but I wanted to share how I handle passing of a draft from iOS to the Mac. This is not a “sync” solution, just a quick and easy way to get the contents of a draft into a notes app on the Mac for further use. You tap a single action in Drafts, and moments later (Internet willing) that draft is ready to edit on your Mac. Hopefully this will be of use to some of you.

I use Brett Terpstra’s nvALT, an incredible, free quick note taking for the Mac – along with my Dropbox folder to accomplish this workflow.

I’m going to assume you already have a Dropbox account and are syncing with your Mac, and have connected it with Drafts. If you are not already using Dropbox, read more details on Dropbox Actions first.

Setup nvALT on your Mac

  • Download and install nvALT.
  • Launch nvALT.
  • Open nvALT > Preferences, and go to the “Notes” tab.
  • Use the “Read notes from folder” dropdown to select a folder that is in your Dropbox. Personally, I use a folder named “nvALT” at the root of my Dropbox – you can use anything, but if you use something other than “nvALT” then you need to edit the importable Drafts Action below to match.
  • Select the “Storage” tab, and set “Store and read notes on disk as” to “Plain Text Files”.


Setup Drafts

  • Open this page on your iOS device and tap this link to install a new Dropbox Action.
  • This action configuration is shown in the screenshot below, and is setup to export a draft to Dropbox in the /nvALT/ folder, using the first line as the filename. Feel free to modify this action as you see fit, or create multiple similar actions if you wish to also have notes you append to, etc. – read more about Dropbox Actions for ideas.


Try it!

Now if you capture something in Drafts, tap your new nvALT action and the draft will be saved to your Dropbox. Leave nvALT running on your Mac, and you will see as soon as Dropbox syncs the file, it will appear in your nvALT notes. Enjoy!