This is another minor release focused on fixing issues and tweaking the functionality of the new custom actions added in the x.5 releases.

  • [NEW] [[date format]] tags now supported in configurations for Dropbox Actions and URL Actions, where “format” is any valid strftime format string. Visit the Action Directory for ready to import sample actions to write to a series of Daily Journals or Monthly Journals. For complex requirements, here is a good reference on strftime format strings. Here’s a few simple example tags…
    • [[date %m-%d-%Y]] would return “02-07-2013”
    • [[date at %I:%M%p]] would return “at 08:15AM”
  • [NEW] Dropbox Action predefined file names can now have any of the tags supported by the file template. Combined with the above, you can have a “predefined” file name of “[[date %Y-%m-%d]]”, for example – so that an “Append” action would create a new daily journal file for each day and keep appending to it each time the action is used during the day.
  • [NEW] URL Action URLs can now have any of the tags supported by Dropbox Actions, so you could create date/time values to include in URL parameters, if needed.

  • [NEW] Values in double curly brackets “” in URL and Dropbox Action templates will be URL encoded. This is helpful when constructing complicated URL Actions with callbacks or other paramters, so, for example you can type an x-callback-url x-success parameter as “x-success={{}}” and not have to manually encode the special characters.

Other details…

  • [FIX] Improve handling of right-to-left languages.
  • [FIX] Courier Prime font now available on iOS 5.1.
  • [FIX] Crash running Delete action on empty draft.
  • [FIX] Remove extra line feed in Dropbox Actions that prepend text.
  • [FIX] Timing issue triggering action from URL on initial launch.
  • [CHANGE] Update to latest Evernote SDK code.

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