Launch Center Pro is an awesome iPhone app launcher which allows you configure custom URL-based actions. In this video, I demonstrate some of the cool integration possibilities available in the new Drafts update that allow you trigger actions in Drafts remotely. I’ve been getting asked how to set that up, so here’s the details.

If you haven’t seen it, here’s the demo:

Configure Drafts

First, you need to configure Drafts to allow actions to be triggered via URL. Open the Drafts “Settings” actions and scroll to the bottom. You will see these new settings:

Since it could be considered a security risk, the ability to trigger Drafts actions via incoming URL is disabled by default. Change the “Allow URLs to trigger actions?” setting to ON. If you particularly concerned about accidentally triggering actions via rogue URLs, you can also enable the “Require key parameter” setting. If this is enabled, incoming URLs that trigger actions will be checked for a “key=XXX” parameter that should match the value you have in the URL key field. Let’s leave that off for now though.

Configure Launch Center Pro

Now, go to Launch Center Pro, tap the “Edit” pen icon in the top left, and select an action box to edit. You will be brought to the Launch Center Pro Action Composer.

Complete the following values:

  • Name: Drafts > Evernote
  • URL: drafts://x-callback-url/create?text=[prompt]&action={{Save to Evernote}}&x-success=launchpro:

Tap done. That’s it. You can modify the “action=” parameter in the URL to be the valid URL encoded name of any action in the Drafts action list (including hidden actions), and this same idea can be applied to saving to Dropbox, posting to, etc.

Note that actions triggered by URL will respect the settings on the action, so if it is set to require confirmation, you will still be prompted to confirm. If it is set to delete the draft after the action, that will still happen.

What now?

For more details on triggering actions via URL, read the Drafts Developer page.