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What’s New…

URL Actions

You can now create an unlimited number of custom URL actions. These have a URL template that supports [[draft]] (and a couple of other) placeholder tags to allow you to create or customize actions for Apps or websites not included in Drafts’ preset actions list. Read more about URL Actions.

Dropbox Actions

Drafts can now access your full Dropbox, and you can setup your own actions which either create, append or prepend to the files you specify. These actions also have a template which supports a few simple tags for timestamps so you can wrap the output with separators, etc. Read more about Dropbox Actions.

Action Sharing

Email, URL and Dropbox actions can be shared via URL. When viewing a custom action, there is a “Share Action” button which will generate a URL for all the settings. This is a “drafts://” URL that can be https://itunes.apple.com/app/drafts/id502385074?mt=8&uo=4&at=11l4Cf&ct=websiteed on and imported into another version of Drafts – so custom actions can be imported/exported via these URLs between your own versions of Drafts and also shared on the Internet.

Drafts Action Directory

We have started a Drafts Action Directory where we will maintain a list of ready to import custom actions for apps, websites, etc. All of these can be imported in Drafts with a single tap, and can be modified once imported to suit individual needs.

URL Callbacks and Action Triggers – aka “Workflow Automation”

Drafts has always supported the creation of drafts via incoming URL scheme. This “create” method now fully supports an “action” parameter that can specify any action in the action list to be triggered, and x-callback-url formatted x-success and x-error callbacks can be included to allow passthrough back to another app. More details are available on the Drafts developer page Here’s a demo to give you an idea of what to do with this feature:

Interested in learning more about the possibilities? Read my how-to post about the video demo or read Federico Viticci’s great iOS Workflow Automation with Drafts article.


  • Fix for a long standing issue when using an external keyboard in landscape or portrait “upside down” orientations.
  • Updated Facebook SDK to 3.1.1.
  • Updated to TextExpander SDK 1.2.3.
  • Actions which require confirmation now use stand iOS alerts dialogs.

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