New updates for Drafts and Drafts for iPad have been released. Details:

  • Updated Markdown engine to @bdolman’s Sundown branch, adding support for MultiMarkdown footnotes. For Day One users, Drafts now uses exactly the same Markdown settings as Day One for consistency. Note that the same engine is also now in Phraseology, our writing app.
  • New “Task to Clear” and “List to Clear” actions. “Task” creates a single task in Clear based on current draft. “List” creates a new list in Clear with one task per line in the draft.
  • Fix crash when search returns no results (iPhone only).
  • Improve handling of corrupt preferences.
  • Remove duplicate Notesy action.
  • Alert when trying to post a draft with more than 256 characters to ADN.
  • Fix for encoding issues with App.net.

Check updates or get Drafts or Drafts for iPad on the App store.