I’m excited to announce the release of both Drafts 2.0 ($1.99) and Drafts for iPad 1.0 ($2.99), both available now on the App Store.

New to Drafts? Draft is the quick way to capture text on iOS. It provides a wide variety of actions to let you output text to Email, Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, Evernote and many other apps. Get more details on the app page.

Interested in the update? Read on…

Since it’s initial release in April, Drafts has grown quite a bit. Many new output options have extended the flexibility of the app, but it was time to take it to the next level. To do that, I wanted to improve the overall visual impression of the app, without changing the basic user interface. All graphic elements and icons in the app have been redesigned, and I added some great new fonts (FF Tisa, FF Celeste Sans & Inconsolata).

The interface has been enhanced to allow full screen viewing of either the current draft, or the list of drafts/actions. Just swipe up or down on the central toolbar. I also added a “Link” mode which enables tappable links for phone numbers, addresses and URLs found in your drafts. This makes Drafts a great place to capture these miscellaneous tidbits, because you can easily dial a number, or map an address contained in a draft.

Drafts for iPad is being sold as a separate app and sports an interface optimized for use on an iPad. It also supports lightning fast sync with the iPhone version, using the new Simperium platform. Sync is free and can be used to sync Drafts and Drafts for iPad across as many devices as you wish. This makes it a real pleasure to move between devices and pick up where you left off. For those of you who wish Drafts was a single Universal app, I understand that – but having separate apps makes it easier to maintain price points friendly to those who only want to use it on one of the devices.

Hope you like the updates. Here’s a more detailed changelog:

What’s new

  • Drafts for iPad now available (sold separately, $2.99), Drafts 2.0 is a free upgrade, and continues to be priced at $1.99.
  • Lightning fast cloud sync between devices based on the Simperium platform.
  • Great fresh look, with new custom fonts action icons and more.
  • Time before a new draft is auto-created when returning to Drafts is now configurable, or can be complete disabled in Settings.
  • Swipe down on the toolbar to show your draft full screen for reading.
  • “Link” mode enables links for phone numbers, addresses and web links captured in your drafts.
  • Swipe up on the toolbar to give the full screen to the list of drafts or actions for easier selection.
  • “Delete” action to delete the current draft.
  • “Append to Dropbox” action append text of current draft to a “Journal.txt” file in your Dropbox.
  • More app actions including Phraseology, Writing Kit, Threadnote, Appigo Todo.