IFTTT is a cool service that lets you setup triggers and actions based on activity on a wide range of web services, such as Twitter, Dropbox, Evernote, Gmail, etc.

If there’s something we haven’t added to Drafts as an action, you may find you can accomplish what you want with a little creative use of an IFTTT task.

For example, “Email to myself”. This is a feature we’ve had requested (and may implement someday), but haven’t yet had a chance to address. I can mimic this action, however, by doing the following:

  • Setup a new Twitter account. You can make this a blocked account so no one follows it, and no one needs to know it exists, just set it up with a name like “emailtomyself001”
  • Add the account to your iOS Twitter accounts in Settings, so it will appear as an option in Drafts.
  • Create an IFTTT account, and use this example recipe. Link the ifttt Twitter channel to your new account, and set the output email address as desired.

Then, whenever you tweet from Drafts to this new Twitter account, IFTTT will pick it up and email you the text! Pretty cool…so many other possibilities, as well, just using dummy Twitter accounts to get pulled into IFTTT, and output to other services. Check it out!