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Drafts v1.3 address the two most requested features remaining on the “to-do” list…here are the details:

  • [NEW] Arrange Actions! Go to “Action Settings > Manage Actions”, there’s a new “Arrange” button in the top right which allows you to reorder the actions list.
  • [NEW] Landscape Mode! Typing in landscape orientation is now fully supported.
  • [NEW] “Event in Agenda” action.
  • [NEW] “Send to Day One” action.
  • [FIX] Fixed several issues specific to VoiceOver, most notably the one that caused a crash on startup. There are still issues that are tied to bugs in iOS 5 that remain and make it difficult to use Drafts effectively under VoiceOver – we continue to work on addressing these items.
  • [FIX] Alert occurring while in Drafts could accidentally trigger a new draft.

Here’s a little graphic describing the action configuration options now available in Drafts: