Drafts has a “Save to Dropbox” feature that quickly and easily saves a draft to the “/Apps/Drafts” folder in your Dropbox. In order to simplify configuration and follow Dropbox’s own recommendations, Drafts does not have a way to select a different folder in your Dropbox for this feature.

The first time you link Drafts to your Dropbox account, the /Apps/Drafts folder is created automatically in your Dropbox. What is not clearly documented about these “App” folders, however, is that once they are created, you can move them or rename them and they will continue to work fine with the app.

So, if you are not happy with /Apps/Drafts as the target for Drafts’ “Save to Dropbox” feature – simply rename/move this folder elsewhere in your Dropbox once it has been created. Works like a charm.