Bang On is a cool new search app for iPad and iPhone, it’s great for web searching – but also as a hub for all types of searches, and supports adding custom search actions.

To setup custom actions for looking up a word in Terminology, to setup a !terminology bang search, go into Bang On’s settings, and select “Add Custom…” in the list, and use the following entries:
!bang: !terminologyURL: terminology://x-callback-url/lookup?text=%@

Want a quick way back to Bang On after your search? Add the x-source and x-success parameters to the URL like this:
!bang: !terminologyURL: terminology://x-callback-url/lookup?x-source=Bang On&x-success=bang-on://&text=%@

With those additional parameters, Terminology will give you a button like the below to tap to jump back to Bang On.


Don’t have Terminology? If you’d just like to do the lookup on our great online dictionary [term.ly][4], you can also create a custom !bang like the below that will do the lookup in Bang On’s built-in web browser:
!bang: !termlyURL: http://term.ly/%@

Once you have created these custom !bangs, you can select “Add Favorite” and add them to the toolbar in Bang On for easy access.

[]: http://s3.media.squarespace.com/production/1559324/18515222/assets/IMG_1012.PNG.png [4]: http://term.ly/