Terminology v2.11 is now available in the App store:

  • [Add] New font options when running iOS 5.
  • [Fix] Tapping status bar now scrolls word list to top (iPhone).
  • [Change] Going to search will now automatically focus the search field and show the keyboard for quicker searching.
  • [Change] Performance tweaks.
  • [Change] Increased maximum font size.
  • [Add] Panlexicon.com added as web resource option.
  • [Add] American Heritage Dictionary 5th edition as app resource option.
  • [Add] New x-callback-url “search” method allows app to be launched directly to a search. Great for use with Launch Center or other launcher apps.
  • [Add] For developers, x-callback-url integration methods now support “x-cancel” parameter to allow the “cancel” button to redirect to originating app.
  • [Fix] Corrected issue looking up words from an external app when no words were currently selected in Terminology.

Please contact us with feedback/issues. We love to hear from you: info@agiletortoise.com