Writing Kit supports high level integration with Terminology app
I’m very excited about the release of Writing Kit 2.0.

Since the release of the it’s X-Callback-URL API, Terminology has supported two app integration methods. “Lookup” allows you to lookup the definition of a word from another app. If the source app provides a callback URL, you can be returned to where you came from with a simple tap. This method has been implemented by Instapaper, Elements, Mr. Reader and several other apps – and it’s a great piece of app integration.

The other method is “replace”, and it more fully realizes the concepts I was trying to enable with the X-Callback-URL protocol. This method also supports returning a word for substitution in the source app. So, you can browse for synonyms or similar related words in Terminology, and pass your selected word back to be replaced inline in the source app. Writing Kit 2.0 is the first app (that I know of) that has added support for the “replace” method – and it’s downright fun!

Terminology-Writing Kit Integration

Read more about it, or just get Writing Kit to try it out! Thanks to Anh Quang Do for supporting Terminology!