I started Agile Tortoise, Inc. in late 2006. For the past five years, I’ve devoted roughly half my work time to it, doing client development projects and developing my own apps. I’ve also had an amicable relationship with a consulting services firm, wherein I devoted ~20 hours a week to their projects for a fair wage. This arrangement provided a reliable stream of work for times when my direct client projects were slow, and gave me access to a good set of employment benefits (i.e., health insurance) at a reasonable cost.

This consulting gig, however, has increasingly seemed like a burden to me. I like the people I worked with, but the work – doing modifications and enhancements to Microsoft’s ERP platform software – could be quite tedious at times and my heart wasn’t in it. It was also preventing me from spending time on the projects I really enjoy, both my own apps and a large and growing Rails app in the education market.

As of today, I have left that gig and am now devoted to Agile Tortoise, Inc. full time. So, I can truly call myself an independent. It feels great, like I just shed a tremendous weight. I look forward to producing lots of great things in my new found time.