One of the features I added in Terminology 2.0, is an extensible list of apps that support directly links from Terminology.  

I’m excited about this feature because I think it’s great for users of the app.  From the start, Terminology has included some web resources to further research terms, but I love being able to integrate locally with other apps as well.  I know Terminology isn’t always going to provide the answer, and I don’t want you to left at a dead end — these links provide the gateway to more information.

What I’d like to know is “what’s missing?”  What research/reference or other apps do you use that you would like to see added to this list?

Also, these links can be used to share definitions, using short URLs from Terminology’s online companion, term.ly. Existing links for Twitter clients use this functionality, and if you have apps you want to share to from Terminology, I’d like to know about those as well.

In order to work with Terminology, the app must register a URL scheme, and support a method that allows lookup of a term to be passed into the app.  Terminology itself supports these incoming links using x-callback-url, but that isn’t necessary.  

If you are a developer and have an app you’d like to see in the Terminology list, please get in touch and provide me pointers to documentation on your URL schemes.  I think it’s a great opportunity to benefit users and cross-promote apps.  

Get in touch, or send ideas to @terminologyapp on Twitter.