New minor updates to Terminology for the iPad and iPhone hit the App store tonight.  Changes:

  • New “Open links in Safari” preference. By default, the additional web resources provided in Terminology open in an in-app web browser.  This is still the default behavior, but if you turn on this preference, the links will open directly in Safari instead.  With multitasking in the newer versions of iOS, this is easier for some.

  • Articles support.  Articles is a great Wikipedia reader app, available for both iPad and iPhone.  If you have Articles installed on your device, Terminology will now offer a link to open your current word/phrase directly in Articles. In many cases it is a better experience than viewing Wikipedia in the browser.

  • Minor changes to the x-callback-url app integration support, allowing apps calling the “lookup” method to provide a link back to the originating app.  See the developer documentation for details.