To followup on my Wolfram ToS post yesterday, I got a really nice email from business development at Wolfram today, quote:

We appreciate the discussion that has taken place on your blog in recent days. We have revisited our procedures for addressing terms of use concerns with third-party apps based on this feedback. Going forward we will first contact the developer in order to give them a short time to resolve the violation of terms prior to contacting the relevant app store.

I think that’s great.

A lot of the discussion regarding the post on Hacker News centered on the viability of Wolfram’s Terms.  Frankly, I have no interest in infringing on their terms and I feel rather dim that I didn’t better research the ToS out of the gate.  That’s more of an ethical than a legal issue for me, regardless of whether they are enforceable.

I’m sure they’ll run into cases where they still have to file a complaint to get a resolution, sadly. I would not have been one of those cases, however, and it’s nice to see they are listening.