When I submitted Terminology to the App Store in early July, I really wasn’t sure what to expect.  I was proud of the App.  I felt it hit a niche on the iPad that had not been fully exploited. I thought it would do well.

It did far better than I expected, topping out at #25 on the Top Overall Paid App charts for iPad, and holding the #1 position in the Reference category for a full week.  All with relatively little marketing support. Terminology’s ranks for the first two weeks on the Top Paid, Top Reference and Top Grossing charts look like this:

Terminology Rank Chart

Though I’m thrilled with it’s performance, I was a little surprised to see what those rank numbers corresponded to in actual sales. Terminology is iPad only (for now!) and clearly there are not as many iPads in the wild as iPhones and iPod Touches — but, I imagined that #25 on the sales charts would translate to something a little more than 448 units/day. Here’s what the unit sales for the first two weeks look like:

Terminology Sales Figures

I would like to tell you I had a coordinated marketing effort behind the launch of Terminology, but that was not the case. I think I learned a lot from the process, at least, and that will benefit me when it’s time to launch Terminology for iPhone in a couple of months.

Definite keys to this run were:

  • Being in a category where it was easier to get noticed.
  • Getting a few really positive reviews early on.
  • Getting listed on the App Store’s featured lists.
  • Great users who genuinely liked the App and took the time to write great reviews on the App Store.

Other interesting tidbits I learned during the last two weeks include:

  • The main App Store lists, “New & Noteworthy”, “What’s Hot” and “Staff Picks” stay the same all week and change on Thursday afternoon (at least for the iPad in the US store).
  • John Mayer occasionally uses the word “terminology” in a tweet.
  • John Mayer gets retweeted a lot. Mostly by girls.