Terminology for iPad tops App Store charts, showing demand for reference tools.

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS, TX – July 19, 2010 – Terminology, a language browser for iPad, arrived at Apple’s iTunes App Store on July 13, 2010, and since then has headed straight to the top of the App Store charts. As of Monday, July 19th, Terminology is holding the #1 position in the Reference category for the third day, and is #25 on the Top Paid iPad App list in the United States.

Terminology is a dictionary, thesaurus, research tool or just playground for those curious about words. It sets itself apart from other dictionary apps for the iPad with its rich, readable interface and easy access to further research with the built-in browser.

Competing against well-backed brand name apps, Terminology has risen to the top of the charts with little marketing support. Agile Tortoise, the small development company behind Terminology, has leveraged Twitter, Facebook, blogs and other social media channels, but attributes most of the application’s success to satisfying a clear demand. 

Greg Pierce, President of Agile Tortoise, states, “We saw an opportunity in the reference category. There were many dictionary apps for the iPad, but none that really took advantage of the iPad’s screen size to provide a rich interface to explore language. We created Terminology to fill that void.”

Agile Tortoise plans a version of Terminology for the iPhone and iPod Touch in the near future.

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On the web:

Terminology is lightning fast, has a great interface about it, and performs duties as a dictionary quite well. I would say it’s a completely safe buy, and…you should at least give it a try if you’re in need of a mobile dictionary. – MacStories.net

A beautiful dictionary and thesaurus app, Terminology has some really useful features. – Zoe Corkhill

From App Store reviews:

I am regularly in brainstorming sessions where we are trying to come up with names for companies or products. This is a really handy app that is more helpful than just using a thesaurus or dictionary” – jaxn

This app is a great tool for looking up alternative words and wording. The interface really takes advantage of the iPad’s screen and I love how it links out to other websites… – kpetlover

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