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Phraseology is an iPad app for writing. Phraseology is a simple, plain text editing environment focused on making it enjoyable and productive to write on the iPad - but also support writing with tools to improve word selection and better understand and structure text. Whether you are a professional writer, casual blogger, teacher or student, Phraseology is a great tool to help you enjoy writing.

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  • Simple text editor interface that gets out of your way.
  • Lightweight document manager with archive, document sorting and full text searching and none of the complexity of files and folders.
  • iCloud Backup and Sync. (Details)
  • Optionally, link a Dropbox account to maintain restorable version histories of document changes. (Details)
  • Extended keyboard with undo/redo, cursor movement and text selection keys.
  • TextExpander Touch support.
  • High quality fonts and customizable font sizes.
  • Live word and character counts.
  • Markdown Support: If you use Markdown, the structured markup format, Phraseology will render a preview of the HTML output and also allow you print or email the formatted HTML version of your document. Phraseology's Markdown engine has advanced support for MultiMarkdown footnotes and tables as well.
  • “Focus” mode hides toolbar for distraction free writing.


Arrange paragraphs and/or sentences within your document, or a text selection, using a simple drag and drop interface. Great for reorganizing thoughts, sorting lists and the similar tasks. (Details)


Learn more about your writing, and identify possible problems – such as excessive use of adverbs, or repetition – using Phraseology's Inspect features. Enable live as you type syntax highlighting of part of speech (English-only), or use the Inspect view to see statistics, readability scores, and root word breakdowns of your text.

Phraseology's syntax highlighter can also highlight possible spelling issues throughout a document.


  • Support for iOS "Open in" import/export features
  • Email/Share/Copy documents, or send to Drafts.
  • Extensive x-callback-url URL schemes for integration with workflows, including the ability to open/create/append/prepend to documents, and utilize the Arrange and Inspect features. Read the documentation for more details.
  • Great integration with Terminology, our top ranked dictionary/thesaurus app. If you have Terminology installed, lookup and browse for replacement words without disrupting your workflow.
  • Out of the box integration with our own Drafts for iPad allows you to use the Arrange and Inspect features on text selections from Drafts. (Details)
  • Arrange and Inspect features can also be integrated into Editorial workflows. (Details)
  • Print to AirPrint devices.

What People are Saying...

I feel at home in BBEdit on my Mac, and in Phraseology on my iPad. That Phraseology is the app I turn to when I’m on my iPad and need the words to flow is the highest praise I can offer it.
9/10, Phraseology: The Definitive iPad Language Editor.
The iPad is good for a lot of things: picture viewer, portable media play, the future of journalism. But writing? No so much! That was until Phraseology.
What you do get is the “words nerd’s editor of choice.” Phraseology is all about tweaking and examining your text.