Sometimes, while working on a Mac, I find I want to pass off a piece of text I would love to pass off to Drafts on iOS. There are a number of ways to do, but the easiest is through Drafts Reminders import.

In this week’s Reminders screencast, David Sparks covered how to configure Drafts to import from a “Drafts” list in Apple’s built-in Reminders list…and even how to use Siri this this feature to easily add things to Drafts.

If you are using iCloud to sync Reminders, this works from the Mac as well – as you can create entries in the “Drafts” list in the Mac Reminders app, they will sync to your iOS device, and when you launch Drafts they will get imported into your Drafts inbox.

Personally, I have taken this a step further by using Alfred, a great launcher app for Mac. If you are not familiar with Alfred, it is a lot Spotlight with more power. You hit a hot key from anywhere and Alfred pops up. You start typing and Alfred gives you a list of Applications, Workflows and other triggers it can run which match what you are typing.

Long story short, with this Workflow, I trigger Alfred, type “d “ (letter d, then a space), type (or paste from clipboard) any text, hit enter, and an AppleScript runs which adds text to the “Drafts” list in the Reminders app in the background. This even works with longer blocks of text copied from elsewhere in the system.

Then iCloud does it’s thing and the next time I launch Drafts on my iPhone (or iPad), it checks Reminders and imports those texts – so I can act on them in Drafts.

To set this up, you will need:

Once setup, hit your Alfred hot key, type “d Send this to Drafts!” and return and you are on your way. FYI, the first time it runs you will be asked to give Alfred permission to access Reminders.

This is meant as an example and could easily be modified. Remember, you can also pass off using only Reminders and the Drafts list, the Alfred workflow is just a convenience to make it easier.