Interact 1.0.1 is now available on the App Store. This is a bug fix update. More fixes and updates are on the way! If you do not see a fix here, check known issues, also.

If you have seen an issue with group names going blank after creation, be aware that 1.0.2 is going into testing and will address this issue. The issue is primarily a problem for people with a Google-hosted default contact account.

  • Change: Scratchpad tag helpers now insert tag at beginning of current line if no text is selected.
  • New: phoneticFirst and phoneticLast scratchpad tags.
  • Change: Change labelling on empty text in context.
  • Change: Focus group name for editing when new/edit group view shown.
  • Fix: Orientation changes were not animating properly.
  • Fix: Improve localization of sort order for contacts and groups.
  • Fix: Positioning of Share operation popup on iPad.
  • Fix: Enabling of certain operations not working properly for Google accounts.
  • Fix: Search not immediately updated as you type in Share extension.
  • Fix: Tweaks to first launch screen.
  • Fix: Contact search did not include search of company name field.
  • Fix: Occasional crash selecting contacts for group.
  • Fix: VoiceOver fixes for startup screen.
  • Fix: Long company name could cause “…” screen to overflow.

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