I got a nice Evernote > Drafts integration tip via Oskar van Rijswijk today.

It is possible to create checkboxes in Evernote notes created via Drafts using the following markup:

<en-todo/> My todo item 
<en-todo checked='true' /> My completed todo item 

If you include these special Evernote markup tags in your draft, and send it Evernote either via the built-in “Markdown to Evernote” action, or via any custom Evernote actions with the “Send as Markdown HTML” setting enabled, the resulting note will contain the Evernote todo checkboxes for the tags.

Clearly this is not something you want to type over and over, so if you want to make use of this tip, I suggest you create TextExpander Touch snippets for the checked and unchecked versions to easily insert them.